• Material thickness up to 6,5 mm
  • Bending angle up to 60°
  • Via die holders direct applicable on UKB-System A/B/C/L


  • Avoids bending marks on sheets via Slider
  • Short flanges with minimal marking
  • Holes close to the bending line without deformation
  • Ideal for diagonal and tapered bending
  • Repeatability for punched sheets with steady flanges and exact angles
  • Bulb and chequered plates with minimal marking at the visible surface
  • No tool contamination while bending galvanized material or aluminium
  • No reworking of workpieces necessary
  • Increased product quality
  • Less tool change


  • Test bends (free of charge)
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Matrize WingBend PLUS 62.230:

  • 1,5 mm Aluminium, geschliffen
  • Kantteil abdruckfrei - Nachbearbeitung entfällt


Matrize WingBend PLUS 62.350:

  • 3,0 mm Aluminium, geschliffen
  • Kantteil mit kurzen Schenkeln - abdruckfrei


Matrize WingBend PLUS 62.650s:

  • 6,0 mm Aluminium, geschliffen
  • diagonale Kantungen - keiner Deformation am Profil