Quality and precision

Optimum materials

Hardened according to the operation purpose

Precision ground

Guaranteed exchangeability and parallelism

Tool marking with all technical information

Product advantages

Reduces bending marks on sheets

Short flanges with minimal marking

Holes close to the bending line without deformation

Ideal for diagonal and tapered bending

Repeatability for punched sheets with steady flanges and exact angles

Bulb and chequered plates with minimal marking at the visible surface

No damage of the foil while bending laminated sheets

Less tool change




Flexible adjustable V-openings

V = 40 – 100 mm

Die width fast and easy adjustable, by changing strips, in 5 mm steps


Tool lengths





Length 500 mm
  Length 300 mm
Matrize Länge 500 mm       Matrize Länge 300 mm

Length 200 mm Length 100 mm     Length 50 mm
Matrize Länge 200 mm Matrize Länge 100 mm    



Dies UniBend 29.000, 29.100, 29.150, 29.200 and 29.300

Dies UniBend 29.600 and 29.850


Matrize Länge 500 mm

Matrize Länge 500 mm


Office hours: From Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 6:00pm

Delivery time: Dies UKB-UniBend in 24h

Shipping: Orders placed before 4:00pm on the same working day

Delivery service: 
    Standard:         1 – 3 working days by parcel service or forwarder
    Express:           DE 9:00, 10:30, 12:00am or 1 working day
                           EU 1 working day
    Direct courier:  According agreement

Package: Ecologically sensitive and safe - with self recycled packing material

Payment options: 10 days 3% cash-discount, 30 days net